This is the Ninth World; a distant future Earth, transformed by at least eight super-civilization that have bent and warped the very rules of the universe at the height of their glory, only to fall into a darkness so deep that only a relatively few scraps of their works remain. Humanity has been extinct for untold ages, only to be mysteriously reintroduced to a world unlike anything the species once knew. Exploring the ruins and wonders of the past, they – and those other sapient lifeforms who share the world with them – have nothing left to do but face a future shaped by the hands of nearly godlike beings, taking the fragmented relics of ancient history and bending them to new uses as they explore a now-alien homeworld.

The so-called City of the Missing is a town situated at the south end of the Black Riage; briefly famous for the blue baubles that could be mined here, the town’s mining was too successful, creating such a heavy surplus of the luminous blue spheres that they’ve become functionally worthless. Home to the mysterious statue known only as She, the town seems to be a quiet and sleepy little place well removed from the intrigues of the Steadfast and the dangers of raiders and monsters.

Why, then, the rumors of something called the Eyeman, in the closed-down mines, or the Red Man in the Wash? Why do some people occasionally go to the patch of forest known as That Place, only to vanish without even a corpse left behind? What of the rumor that the real reason the Bauble Mines closed was not due to the surplus of baubles, but due to the strange numenera artifact uncovered in the depths? All is not as it seems in the City of the Missing, and it may soon need some brave souls to rescue it.

The City of Missing Shadows

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