A swift glaive who fights with panache!



Might: 12 Edge: 1
Speed: 16 Edge: 1
Intellect: 10 Edge: 0

Shins: 5


  • You have a motion sensor in the form of an injection that you can take that will give you the ability to detect any motion in short range or the movement of large or heavy things at long range, with enough acuity to be able count and effectively weigh the moving things. This ability, once you activate it, lasts for one hour.
  • You also have a little yellow pill that, when you swallow it, adds +1 to your Speed edge for an hour.


  • Extremely stylish clothing
  • Light weapon: forearm blade (2 damage)
  • Medium weapon: javelin (4 damage)
  • Light armor: Exquisitely tailored micromesh bodysuit (2 armor)
  • Explorer’s pack
  • Oddity: For your oddity, you have a matched pair of small metal rods that, when kept no more than 15 inches or so apart, vibrate intensely for thirty second exactly fifteen minutes before the sun rises each day.
  • Jeweled rapier (2 damage)


  • Balancing
  • Initiative
  • Running

Inabilities and Drawbacks

  • Poor balance (+1 step in balance tasks)

Special abilities

  • Practiced in Armor
  • Practiced with all weapons
  • Attack flourish (+1 to next die roll to selected creatures)

Fighting moves

  • Pierce (1 speed)
  • Thrust (1 might)


  • Always trying to impress one PC (Zith)


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